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Aug 21, 2003
  1. Hello, I have the realtek AC97 soundcard and wish to record simultaneously through the line in and microphone devices. Windows recording device manager does not allow this option, only one input at a time can be checked, and I want to know if this can be got around ?? with the right piece of software etc... any help greatly appreciated

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    I know two solutions:

    1) With ASIO driver and an application that uses it

    2) If you can select record input to be something like "What U Hear" (common in SB cards), Line Out or something, like below, you could then set output settings so that you, well, record what you hear.

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    well thanks for the effort....but no luck. I downloaded the latest ASIO drivers and interface, but...they still seem highly experimental and would not install properly on my system. I could not access the interface that would allow me to set up the input options. I would have thought there should exist an older and more stable piece of software (somewhere) which could accomplish this simple thing. As to option 2, I definately have no "what you hear" box, or anything like it. Only a recording device manager which allows me to check and adjust volume for a single input medium at a time.
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    Similar problem with Realtek AC97 line in

    I want to convert my audio tapes to mp3 files. I was lead to believe that I could input the analog signal from my tape player to the line in connection on the Realtek AC97 sound card. The recording software I am using is by Audacity. I get nothing off the line in connection. I can get signals from the microphone and I can record in Audacity if using my system CD player. But nothing from externals connected to line in. It appears on AC97 Auto Configuration that the line in connection is merely another speaker connection when using 4 or 6 speakers instead of 2. Is there a way to get the line in to function with an external input device like a tape deck? Oh boy, I just noticed how old these other posts are. Well, if anybody notices my post, hopefully, a solution has been found. Thanks. Hello? Hey is anybody out there??!!
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    You should set the ins and outs with the mixer application that (probably) came with the AC97 driver - but if it didn't, you can download it from here.
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