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Jan 10, 2018
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  1. My brother has an Asus all in one model # ET23211 , had a stroke and can't remember his password to access his computer. Any suggestions on how to get back in?
  2. Contact Microsoft. :)

    If what you are doing is legal.....
  3. I know how to access computers that require a password.
    But, I will not share that information with anyone on this forum or any other forum.
    I suggest getting a pencil & paper to write down passwords.
    I do. :)
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  4. I also keep Login names & passwords in emails to myself on Gmail & other servers.
    Also in a folder on usb drives.
  5. Most of requests for getting by passwords are bogus.
    Simply someone trying to hack into someone else's computer.
    Hence I suggested contact Microsoft.
    They will help you if you are not a criminal. :)
  6. holdum323

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    Hi Here's a link from Techspot. See if you can find some thing here.
    Also Linux might help you. Here's link from Lifewire.
    PS If this reply is inappropriate or against forum rules, please delete and notify me. I searched TS and found the link and posted it here on this thread. Most of these things can be found on Google, and IMHO not helping with these requests is ancient history.:D
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  7. gibsonsg

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    It is totally legal, how do you contact Microsoft? thanks
  8. holdum323

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    Hi Give this a look. You may get better replies later. Sorry for the late reply. Let us know how things go. Hi I'm editing my reply because the link I posted was a farce. Sorry! I'm removing the link. I suggest you Google "How do I contact Microsoft"
    Thanks @mailpup . My bad!

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  9. mailpup

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    Holdum323, check your link. It is not a Microsoft site.
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  10. gibsonsg

    gibsonsg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This is for everyone that has responded to my post: Thanks for all your help, it has been resolved. I did google Microsoft and got a toll free number, contacted them and found out how to reset the password which has to be done online with another computer. My brother is very grateful and thank you David for the heads up on being legal. I never thought about that . Thanks again everyone!
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  11. holdum323

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    Hi That's great. Thanks for your reply(y)
  12. Glad you got it resolved. :)

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