Recovering an Outlook .pst file after emptying recycle bin?

By mobysurf
Dec 14, 2006
  1. So now I have another problem. I was wanting to transfer a pst file to a new user. I copied the data over, but didn't direct Outlook to the old file before it created a new profile. No problem right? Except that I have emptied the Recycle Bin. I am using an older recovery program called Restoration (freeware from Brian Kato), but I am having trouble finding the file. I have looked at the time stamps and all to try to find the file before I deleted it, but no luck. I have found a bunch of outlook folders that are pst files, but none of them have any data. Any ideas? I inherited this laptop from an old employee, but it's not partioned so my time is running out before the file gets written over. THANKS!
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    Where was the file to begin with, because Outlook created a new PST it doesnt delete the old one if it wasnt there to be deleted in the first place, in fact if you tried to overwrite an existing PST Windows would give you the error box about the file already existing, unless it was there and you choose to overwrite all files in which case the new file will overwrite the old one, and as its stored in the same location as the new one, then technically its not deleted, its overwritten, because of this you may have no hope of recovering it.

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