Recurrent set of viruses/trojans, underlying problem hidden

By Rindill
Jan 4, 2008
  1. I have about three viruses that keep getting reloaded to my computer every time I connect to the internet. I have run all anti virus software (up to date) every time, but it never fails that no matter how many times I clean my entire computer, it just keeps coming back, whenever I plug into the internet, where-ever I am. It seems, I think, also linked to a problem I have accessing the internet over my router at my house.

    Alright, they are...
    C:/Windows/System32/drivers/smtpdrv.sys - Worm.Agent.I
    C:/Windows/temp/ /'*Random Numbers*'/ (ex. 143325.exe) - Trojan horse Generic9.AHDY

    C:/Windows/temp/ /'*Random Numbers*/ (ex. 123532.exe) - Trojan horse Downloaded Generic6.XBY

    That keeps coming up every time I connect to the internet. At my house over my netgear router, my internet will work for about 10 seconds then stop working. At school and plugged directly into my dsl line the internet will work.
  2. Rindill

    Rindill TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay dokay.

    I finally found the answer. combofix. Just restarted my comp without internet. Ran virus scanners and spyware scanners to clean again. Then ran combofix. Whatever my problem was. Its gone now. Thanks Combofix!
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