Redesigned, speedier iTunes 11 now available for download


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One month after initially planned and with just a day to spare on its second deadline, Apple has finally released iTunes 11. The newest version of the company's desktop media player and digital storefront has been redesigned from the ground...

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iTune 11 is the best iTune ever. Because Apple will will sue anyone that does anything remotely similar, don't draw an apple ever again unless you want to be sued!
What the hell? Coverflow is gone! that was most likely the only reason I used iTunes ! meh... I'll be bouncing back to Winamp. I'm ditching my iPad for a Surface anyways.


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It's not bad, but I don't like how it auto adds itself to windows start up without asking. Also to get a more tradiational view of itunes back, look under the "view" tab to add side bar and such.


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I installed iTunes 11 on a Windows 8 Pro desktop and could not view any singly connected devices. The device icon would appear in the upper right but when selected it would disappear. I final tried connecting two devices (iPhone and iPad) and the button now reads "2 devices". I can now select and pick which device I want to view and everything appears to be working. Once I unplug both and plug just one in I have the same problem that I originally started with (I.e. button disappears when selecting and nothing happens). Is anyone else have the same issue?


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Never mind, I figured it out. I was pressing the stupid eject symbol on the button. When 2 devices are connected there's no eject symbol. I'm an *****!


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Somebody explained to me that iTunes went out of its way to cripple a Windows computer, by loading a bunch of nonsense / unnecessary processes when installed on one.

Can't say whether this is true or not, as I won't touch it with a ten foot pole. Not even a borrowed ten foot pole.
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