Redirected to Google Followed 8 Steps for Malware Removal

By hectorg46
Jan 22, 2010
  1. My mother's laptop was over run with viruses and malware so I began taking steps to remove them. I installed a trial version of norton antivirus and firewall in addition to ad-aware. These tools were helpful and removed a lot of false security warnings and the hijacking of the desktop theme. I then removed the norton antivirus and installed microsoft security essentials. Windows defender and the microsoft malicious software removal tool were also installed. After several updates and scans everything appeared to be normal.

    When I attempted to access query results from the google and bing search engines I was redirected to There was close to a 50 percent chance of this event occuring.

    I found and completed the 8 Steps for malware removal and the problem appears to have been resolved. The three logs are attached. The review of these logs and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    In addition a process located in the windows folder titled explorer.exe was contained in the hijack this log. The process appears in all capital letters which makes it stand out as something that should not be present. I am thnking of removing the process. Please confirm my decision.

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