Redirecting site giving me headaches!!!!!!!!!!

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May 26, 2006
  1. Hi, I am trying to help my brother with a computer he got from a friend for free. First of all it had Norton on it and was causing problems right from the start. I uninstalled that finally. I then installed AVG and did a scan. It found 53 trojans and it fixed them. I then installed ZoneAlarm free. However there is this one problem that is ticking me off. Some site called is redirecting whatever I type into the address bar and they go to some porn site or when I type in google it says on the page Domani is being abused or something like that. So how do I get rid of this entry I am guessing it is somewhere in the registry and I probably have to manually get rid of it. Someone tell me how. Thanks.
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    That is a bad link or something.
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    sorry.. seems they moved the the link or something...

    if you'd go to the main page of this forum, you'd see a subgroup named "Security and the Web"
    the one i linked to was the first one, but you may as well read the other threads marked READ as well while you're there....
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    sounds to me like it could be some spyware that got installed when you put avg or zone alarm on. try downloading spybot search & destroy and lavasoft ad-aware and see if you get anything. avg is only for viruses so it won't find any spyware. i use both these programs and find them to be quite good.
    let us know how it goes.
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    I would recomment following the instructions I just gave you in the link above. It will give you a complete hosedown of your system, and includes running those programs anyway.
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    ahh thanks.. updated my favorites links now.. :)
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