References to Project Pink devices 'Turtle' & 'Pure' found in Zune software

By Neowin
Jan 29, 2010
  1. Just days after blogger Long Zheng discovered references to a "Zune Phone" in the latest Zune Software, the Zuneboards community has discovered additional references.

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  2. Wow. Good investigative work.

    These are those 2 phones designed by Microsoft's Danger division. They are basically the reincarnation of the Sidekick phone.

    The Sidekick has a checkered history, having been central to the 2009 Microsoft Data Loss. But interesting to see it has returned, with two new models.

    The original Sidekick did not run the WIndows Mobile OS, though Microsoft has a reputation for wanting to toss out others' technology, and put its own in. It'll be interesting to see if Microsoft 'eats its own dogfood' with these new models.
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