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By Cindy Distefano ยท 4 replies
May 5, 2004
  1. I want to reformat my drive and do a clean winxp install. I did a new install of winxp over an existing winxp os, and ended up with stuff left over from first os, so basically I just refreshed question is, will my system boot from winxp disk, after I reformat my drive?......Probably a dumb question, but I don't want to repartition or anything like that.....
  2. Steve B

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    I've only ever done it with M.E., but once theres nothing on the drive, bang in your CD and away you go.

    Make sure you have a start up Floppy just in case, then if it doesn't Autostart, re-boot with floppy, at A: prompt type setup and away you go....

    Hope this helps...:D
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  4. Liquidlen

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    As long as you set your CD to boot first in your should not have a problem.Also you can format your drive from the Cd
    Load Windows ,Then change the Boot order back to Hdd once Xp has installed.
  5. Cindy Distefano

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    Worked like a charm......Thanks everyone for your help. I used the to download the Custom WinXP boot disk....formatted drive C, poped in WinXP.....and away it went :).
    Downloaded all the Window's updates last nite....since I'm on dial-up it literally took all night.... WOW, clean slate...... :)
    Thanks Again
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