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reformating HD and looking to set RAID to 0....can anyone help?????

By Pale RIder
Jun 12, 2005
  1. I am a newcommer here, but I am not totaly ignorant of how my computer works...It has come time to reformat my drives and I want to set my RAID array to 0 instead of the 1 that I stupidly had it preset to. I am a photographer so I am running mostly Photoshop and graphics software on here..alone with a film scanner, photoprinter..and video editing software. so obviously I am looking to speed up my read and writing rates with a STRIPING instead of the MIRROR. I have a DELL XPS running windows XP, two 120G, I, 8M, 7.2K, Serial ATA, SEAGATE-ALPINE 1 hard drives, my processor is clock at 3.2 Ghz, so on and so forth. I am looking to set up a stripe and partition one drive for windows and media, and leave on drive set strickly for PS and my imaging software. as well as file archives not on disk. I know i must back up all files I want to save, and that reformating is not an entirely difficult process, but I havent found an answer as to how to go about changing my RAID array when I reformat...ANy help would be much appreciated, or a link to a tutorial. any recomendations on a good program to use for backing files up would help to as I have amassed a huge amount of savable data in the year and a half I have owned this PC. thanks.
  2. Pale RIder

    Pale RIder TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Update on problem

    Well I have succeeded in finding an answer to my problem. In case anyone out there has the same trouble the steps for reformating and changing your RAID Array are as follows.
    - Back everything of value up ( of course)
    - locate your windows reinstall disc
    - locate your RAID drivers floppy, or use the resourse disc to create a new set by extracting the files to a bootable floppy
    - restart and enter the RAID BIOS menu by pressing CTL-I when prompted ( you have to be quick)
    - delete all RAID volumes you wish to change, and the create new volumes and choose RAID config..ie- RAID0, RAID1 etc
    - if you are going to run a stipe, choose your stripe size..I found 512Kb worked well for my file needs, but of course thats just my particular liking
    -insert your reinstall disk for windows and press F2 to enter set-up menu, change boot mode to OS mode " ON" if you have more than 256 MB or RAM.
    - Press F6 several times when prompted ( it seems to not react the first time) and when asked, insert the RAID drivers floppy and install the files.
    - select your partitions and sizes and your on your way, hard parts over as long as you have all your drivers.
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