reinstalled Windows.. cant see secondary hard drive.

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Cant find secondary hard drive.

Hi everybody,

I have a computer with two hard drives, I use the first one for operating system(Windows XP professional) and the second one for storage only. I formatted my primary hard drive and reinstalled Windows, I did not touch the secondary one. After installation, I cant find my storage(secondary drive) anywhere. Did I loose all the data there? Is there a way to fix this? Thank you in advanced for any assistance



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Look in Disk Management if and how the second drive is recognised. I sincerely hope you didn't use the silly dynamic disk thing..
I went to disk management and it doesnt detect my second drive. What is the dynamic disk setup you mentioned? I just reinstalled windows the same way I've done it b4. Any ideas?


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I think they mean this
xp disk management basic or dynamic
there was some discussion bout this awhile back
seems from what I remember (HA) you can go from one to other but not back or something like that
Fisrt thing I tell people about adding drives from another install on boot watch out for chkdsk.


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Do you have two physical harddisks in your PC?
Check that all cables are properly connected on both ends.
The second drive should still be there.

Or did you at some time partition your single harddisk?
If you only formatted the first partition, the second partition (also called drive sometimes) should still be there.

Or did you do the silly thing (as per Nodsu)?
Then you are in the proverbial creek.
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