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Sep 7, 2008
  1. I've been having a slight problem with my SATA controller drivers. The nvidia drivers that I was using would always cause a bsod pointing to nvgts.sys in system32/drivers. While trying to figure out which driver to install as a replacement, i found the nvgts.sys file and deleted it from system32/drivers folder, just to see what would happen... Now Windows XP can't boot up because the driver is missing lol; I can't even get into safe mode. So, is there any way to reinstall the driver from the Windows CD-ROM or something? The black screen says to insert the said CD and start the recovery console but I wouldn't know what to run. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Assuming you used a floppy to install the Nvidia Raid drivers, start a Repair Install and when it asks for you to press F6 do so and re-install them.

    edit: btw, if you Google that driver there are LOTS of people experiencing issues with it.
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    Thanks, I ended up pulling the hard drive out, installing it as a slave, and putting the file back in the correct directory manually with my Linux machine. Turns out the problem version of this driver is right on the CD that came with my motherboard. Ever since it was installed, I've been having issues with BSODs related to having a SATA optical drive installed. I've been looking for a fix particular to this mobo (P5N-D) but I haven't found anything yet. A lot of people are saying to install the nForce SATA drivers for a 790i chipset but when I go to do so I get the "cannot find a driver that's a better match" or something like that. I dunno what I'm gonna do, I like my SATA DVD burner :(

    I've looked at this article here, but it's not working out for some reason...
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    All the posts I can find that found a 'fix' say they installed the 790 Media Shield drivers NForce released in March 08 - only media shield.
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    Thanks for looking into it. I was able to install only Media Shield with the 790i chipset driver package from nvidia's site. I don't know why I couldn't do it manually but running the installer worked fine. After I restarted I went into device manager and sure enough the drivers had been updated to the '08 drivers, and I didn't get a BSOD (which usually happens only seconds after the desktop appears). So, if I don't have any further issues, I guess it's fixed for now but I'd really like to see something from asus or, better yet, nvidia on a direct fix. I like nvidia products but a lot of times their drivers are more of a hassle then they probably should be. Whatever, thanks for helping out and hopefully I don't run into any more problems with this. Cheers!
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