reinstalling XP master boot records

By masterfu
Jun 10, 2005
  1. hi, i recently installed fedora core 3 Linux. i had to overwrite the current windows MBRs for fedora core to boot. when booting, it gives me the option to boot XP or FC3(fedora core 3). I don't have a use for linux anymore and i want to lessen the number of hard drives i have installed because it causes heat problems inside my Case. when i unplug the hard drive where the linux MBR is (called GRUB Disk Loader or something like that) it says "Grub Hard Disk Error" and stays right there.
    how would i reinstall the windows XP MBRs?? PLEASE HELP ME! thankyou
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    The MBR is always on the master HD on the primary IDE, unless you boot from a SATA HD.
    If that Fedora HD goes out, you could try to put the slave with XP (or secondary master/slave XP) in the place of the old Fedora disk.
    Then do a repair (booting from XP-CD) and run FixMBR on that (now) master-XP.
    You may have a shuffle though with your drive-letters, but I think XP is forgiving there.
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  4. masterfu

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    hey guys thanks. i did the FIXMBR from the xp-cd and it worked perfectly. i was a little iffy about it because it said it could render my hd partitions inaccessable but i risked it and it worked. THANKS GUYS FOR THE INFO!
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