Remote Desktop Putting Laptop In Standby??

By uneasyrider
Jul 31, 2006
  1. I've been using Remote Desktop to access my home Dell Laptop from work for quite some time now.

    Just recently, I had some nasty spyware infect my computer. I got help from here on how to clean it off and it's been working fine since.

    However, since that time it seems, Remote Desktop (when disconnected once) will put my laptop in Standby mode.

    Example. I leave home & my laptop is up and running. I use Remote Desktop 1 hour later and everything is fine. I close out Remote Desktop normally. Later, I try and access Remote Desktop... and it won't connect. When I get home... I see the laptop is in standby mode.

    Now I know that I can turn on Wake On Lan, but that's not the point. I'm wondering what about RD could be making it go to standby. According to Event Logs it happens at the same time I log out of RD.

    All Standby options are turned off in Power Options. And my power is not going out.

    Any ideas??
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