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By S&L
May 31, 2007
  1. I'm running XP on a computer and every so often the user can't connect via remote desktop. He gets an error message that the computer is in use. Our computer consultants think that for some reason he has not been properly disconnected from a previous session, then when he tries to login again the computer is still busy trying to close out the first session. Of course, when this happens, I can't troubleshoot the problem because I can't login either. He's also using Spysweeper, but no one else has a problem with it and Remote Desktop. And he has digital phone service with his broadband connection; maybe that's a problem, don't know. The service packs are up to date and the firewall and security logs don't show anything unusual. We're all stumped and the user is convinced that someone is attacking his computer, but I think we might just have a dud of a box that hangs during the remote sessions. Anyone have any ideas?
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    We would have to know a lot more about the configuration he is using.
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