Remote Wonder II installed but non functional...

By Luna M
Aug 9, 2006
  1. I recently started using my PC as as TV, since I just moved out of my parents' home and no longer have any TV set. I would like to be able to use a remote, but am having problems with the Remote Wonder II that came with my All In Wonder X800 card.

    I never installed the Catalyst drivers that came with the AIW card--I went straight to ATI's website and downloaded the latest drivers. Everything works except the RW. I have recieved no error messages of any kind, but cannot find the RW listed in my device manager (though I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to see it there), and it certainly doesn't work--no matter what buttons I press or how I mess with the software settings, I get no response.

    I have seen many people have had problems with RW, but most of the problems I've seen mentioned on other forums have to do with error messages and missing .DLLs. I have none of these problems; my remote simply doesn't do anything.

    ATI is fashionably unhelpful. They have no idea what the problem is, or so they say. Their Knowledge Base is useless, as all it does is direct me to the drivers page.

    I have heard that RW has a compatability issue with the latest version of WinDriver. I have done Windows Updates since I installed XP on this computer, so if that's the problem, I don't suppose I can fix it...

    Any suggestions?
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    The link you posted doesn't work. -_-;

    I am using the remote wonder package version 3.04. It was the latest one offered on ATI's website.

    I have tried the reciever in 4 different USB ports. It gives me the usual "doo-doop" sound of a connected USB device, but the RW doesn't show up in the device manager or in the list of connected USB devices...
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