Removing a pesky trojan

By yangly18
Nov 25, 2009
  1. Just need a suggestion on a good virus scanner/remover that is free. I used AVG and came up with a trojan, but I don't know if it's a backdoor or if its just there to slow my laptop. It came on a music editing program that I got from a friend, and before i unzipped the file I did scan it and it showed clean, yet after instal, AVG says its a trojan. I have uninstalled the program and deleted it, yet the files that were part of the 'trojan' do not delete with the rest of the program. Any ideas on exactly what this is? Also, if you know any other virus removal programs that are free or low cost, that would be very helpful. thanks'

    edit: I will try to get the AVG/Spyware rips on here ASAP, I am currently at work, and don't have them available.
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