Removing Privacy Components

By johnnychips
Mar 16, 2009
  1. This is a nasty programme which purports to be an anti-virus checker etc. It appeared two days ago, I didn't think about it and just pressed 'x' and it went. Then I noticed it had appeared on my Desktop, so I right-clicked and removed the link.

    However, yesterday, when I logged on and put in my password, the only thing that appeared was Privacy Components. No desktop, toolbar or anything. Pressing 'X' or 'Cancel' didn't work.

    I went on my mate's PC to look for tips, but all these imagined you had access to Desktop etc. But by chance I found a way round it:

    If you can't access anything, the Privacy Components has its own Achilles Heel. In the bottom left is a link to Microsoft Privacy. Click on this and there is a Google search box.

    Type in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Download link.

    Select this and download it. It works, though I think you need to press 'Open' rather than 'Save' when it gives you the option.

    It took about fifteen minutes; very cheesed off my Norton didn't prevent this in the first place.
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