Repaired XP, now only black screen w/ active cursor

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I was on the internet with my HP notebook and it froze, then I got the blue screen of death. It said "beginning dump of physical memory". After that it wouldnt load bast the Windows XP logo screen with blue loading bar. My virus program expired so it could be a virus?

So I put in my OS cd that came with the computer and tried to repair XP. After I did that the computer starts its boot with the gray loading bar (like it wasnt shut down properly) and takes forever to get past it. Then it starts to boot like normal but after the Windows XP logo screen with blue loading bar, it goes to a black screen and thats it. I have a cursor that I can move around, but nothing else.

Please help, I have many important files and pictures I would like to save.

PS. After the repair didnt work, I re-booted with the CD and the other option was to install a new copy of XP, but it warned not to install two OS's on one partition and the other partition is too small...Is there anything I can do here or is there a completely different way to fix this problem?



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This may be a dying hard drive. Until you find out what the problem is, try and minimise the number of times you access it as this will increase the risk to your files - which from what you say you have not backed up.
If possible take your laptop to a repair shop and ask them to take the drive out and test it. If they can access the files, ask them to take a copy for you while they have the thing connected.
You need an adapter to connect a 2.5" laptop drive to a desktop system if you want to try this yourself - but be very careful about how you connect it as it is so easy to destroy the drive completely by connecting it with the wrong polarity!
If the drive tests clear with no media damage, and you have your data safe and can replace the programs such as Word, then reinstall windows after deleting the partition(s)
let me clarify

the drive isnt dying. i added another drive, installed xp to it, went to the drive and see the files, moved files off of it, all easily. i am a tech, just have never encountered this. used ultimate boot cd for win to access the drive prior to the XP install above and i chkdsk and registry repairs with no success. it isnt the drive, keyboard responds, mouse doesnt, ctrl-alt-del doesnt work, HDD light still flashes intermittently, have swapped from on board video to pci-e vid with no success, same results everytime.

this is just bugging me as there is a data pool of two drives on that OS in dynamic mode. not sure whats on it, but i dont want to risk losing the data so its worth it to me to take the time to repair it before I yank it all apart, rebuild the system and drive pool with the new Windows Home server which by the way, is just awesome.
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No luck

No, I've had no luck fixing this problem yet, I am going to try what 'AlbertLionheart' suggested, but I really don't think its the hard drive either. I have had absolutely no previous problems with it and had the computer 1 year now, but you never know so I'll try that.


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Sorry - have been away for a few days. One other thing you could try is boot from the install CD and take the repair option. When you have the prompt try running fixmbr - I still think you have a dying drive but this might be worth a try.
Same problem here ( second hd dinamic disk black screen with mouse cursor )

I think i have the same problem as you. Dont know the solution yet but one thing i discovered is that if i remove the faulty hdd the sistem works fine. The hdd is a wd3200jb ( 320 GB ) and from what i figured so far it is configured in dinamic mode ( could this have anything to do with the problem ) I use a filesharing software that constantly reads from the hdd as it is the hdd that keeps the data that i share. So, initally my computer suddenly slowed down and eventualy freezed whenever i was downloading on that hdd ( that was almost full ), After that it went to the black screen with mouse, but once or twice windows started the disk chk from from startup and found problems with index and something else that i cannnot remember how was named, and after performing the chk i could boot just fine. But as i said it was only once or twice, after that i tried several times without success and finally abandoned until now this problem.
Maybe after this description someone is able to pinpoint the problem and will share the solution.
\\Hope this helps.
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