Replacement motherboard won't power up


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Swapped out the older ASUS motherboard when it apparently died - was also told that by
a repair shop.

A sympathetic person donated his "old" ASUS P5WD2 complete with PCU and RAM and heat sink for the cost of shipping, so went to work. He said he had upgraded to a more powerful setup
and that this all worked when he removed it and stored it.

I had upgraded the power supply a few years ago to an ULTRA d1106 550 watt when I added a couple drives, and it always seemed to work.

I printed out the instruction manual for the P5 and, not having done a lot of work on PC's for some years other than adding drives, etc, followed it very closely. The plugs from the case were labeled so I'm pretty sure I got the power & interrupt switches, case lights and fans, etc, all hooked up right. Also the main cable to the board from the power supply, and a secondary power supply cable to a socket near the CPU. Also got the C drive (EIDE) and the 2 additional SATA drives hooked up to the board and to the power supply, and believe I have them right. Maybe a question on the C drive. There a set of sockets for EIDE drives, incl one designated as a Primary, and another Primary socket for an IDE drive. If I recall, my C drive is an EIDE so I should have connected to the right socket on the board. Even if not, shouldn't the CPU, and
case lights and fans power up?

When the big moment came to hit the switch it was an anti-climax. Nothing happened.
The only sign of life is the green power LED on the board, no CPU fan or anything. No case lights or fans either. I checked all the connections I mentioned and believe I have them right.

Being there's virtually no sign of life other than the green LED power light when I switch on the
power supply, could it be the power supply may have been the problem the whole time?

How can I test it - I have a digital meter.

Thanks for any ideas!

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