Replacing a "solo" core with dual core?

By Divelucaya
Feb 17, 2009
  1. My Dell Inspiron E1505 has an Intel 1.66 Ghz/2 Mb/667 Mhz (T1300) solo core CPU. Last week my computer stopped booting (you can read my post about it under Mobile Computing) and I believe the problem is either the CPU or MoBo. I may end up replacing both. So my question is do I need to replace the CPU with a solo core with same specs or can I upgrade to a dual core CPU? It seems that it is not that easy locating an Intel CPU with same specs and solo core. Also, can I up my processor and/or bus speed and if so will a higher CFM fan be needed? Would it be better to try a new CPU and then MoBo (if CPU is not the problem), MoBo and then CPU, or just purchase a new MoBo with CPU included?
  2. Justin

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    What version of Windows are you running? If you are using Windows XP, be advised that most likely you have a single-CPU kernel installed, and that while it will *work* with a dual-core CPU, it will not give you access to both cores. You'll need to replace the kernel or do a repair/reinstall to get access to both.

    I am not sure if this is true for Windows Vista.

    Also note that you'll probably want to call Dell and find out what CPUs your motherboard supports.
  3. Tedster

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    you will need the check the mobo manual and the bios to see if it supports a dual core cpu. Most single core mobos do not. There are a few that do however.
  4. Divelucaya

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    Thanks for the replies. I am running Windows XP. As far as calling Dell, well I have dealt with Dell over the phone several times before and have not yet had one that spoke English clearly and understandably, which I feel is real important when one is trying to troubleshoot a technical issue. Anyway, I now believe that my Mobo is shot as there appears to be burn/short marks around the Broadcom chip pins and splotches of what looks like liquid residue scattered around the board. Now what I need to decide is whether to have the Mobo repaired or buy a replacement. Thanks again for your help.
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