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Apr 4, 2007
  1. Hey all

    I have recently come into possession of an Intel quad core processor. Since I only have a weak dual core processor on my current laptop, I had hoped to replace my processor with the new one. The only problem is that I expect it to not fit, any if it could somehow, it would violate my Dell warranty (so far very useful since both my graphics card and the links between motherboard and battery have fried and been replaced for free). Any advice of how I could put the processor to use?

    If it would not fit in the laptop, would it be a good idea to build a desktop now with the processor and benefit from its current top-of-the-line status even though Vista had only just been released and DX10 is barely out? Any idea how much I'd be looking at for a DX10 card, 2 gig ram, 60-80 gig HD desktop? I could build it myself.

    Thanks for the help
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    Well you could always send it to me...:D

    But to answer your question,

    The CPU would fit, but would not run since the e1705 uses a intel 945 chipset, and the CPU will need 975. Not to mention you would void your warranty (as you mentioned) and it would most likely just be bottlenecked by your other components.

    If you want to make a rig to use the chip, tat would be fairly easy.

    The only problem is that a DX10 card is going to cost you a good chunk, and considering that Vista and DX10 are in their infancy I would be wary to sink that kind of money into a card that may be outdated soon by "true" DX10 cards.
  3. Rob2931

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    Thanks. Any way I could bump up the chipset? I have 2 gigs of ram and a Geforce 7900 GO, so if anything it is my processor that is holding my other two components back. Do you know how long the quad core I have will be close to top of the line?
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    Chipsets are not something you can change, they are embedded onto the motherboard, so in a case of a laptop, it is impossible to swap.

    The Quad Core chip is top of the line now, but as technology goes, it could easily be trumped in a month or so, maybe two.

    That being said, the chip is extremely powerful, so it may not be #1 it will be high end for some time (considering dual core is just now getting popular)
  5. Rob2931

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    Cool thanks for the advice. My brother will be building a computer in about a year, hopefully having the processor will save me some cash then
  6. Rob2931

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    Actually changed my mind a little bit...

    Assuming I were to come back here with a list of parts I had planned to build a comp with, could you guys check them out and see if they sound compatible? I heard the hardest part of building a computer isn't the physical putting-together, but turning it on and finding out stuff doesn't work together.
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