Request driver for emachine w3609!

By tffh
Mar 11, 2010
  1. I have a W3609 and switched from Vista to XP Pro and no sound, video problems, etc.... I am not an IT Tech but can get into the machine and cause havoc. HELP!
  2. captaincranky

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    Unfortunately, The drivers for Emachines are contained within the "restore" discs.

    Emachines only offers drivers for the Vista OS;

    Since you have changed the OS, they are probably no longer appropriate. The next best approach would be to try using the drivers to the motherboard itself. You would find them at the mobo manufacturers site. Emachines lists the chipset a "Intel 945G" Series&model=W3609 But, they don't tell you the maker.

    You might try downloading this "SIW" (System Information for Windows) Download "Freestanding English Version" Green Button, in the middle of the page. This is freeware, it just won't let you save the report in text format, that version costs money. You can however, save the report in HTML, then open it with any web browser. This program should give you the mobo manufacturer's identity.
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