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  1. Okay so my friend set my computer's resolution too high for my monitor to handle I guess. I'm not really sure what happened. Anyway, he switched it to HDMI (it was originally hooked up AGI if that's correct) and fixed the resolution. But when we put the AGI cable back, it still says no signal. Is it possible that the cable got ruined and that it just needs replaced or what?
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    But we lowered the resolution back to normal while hooked up to the HDMI. So now the resolution is back to normal but the AGI thing isn't working.
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    AGI? I guess that is a lesser known maker of cables?
    - make sure all is clean (GPU side can get dust down inside)
    - gentle but firm - and make sure fully inserted

    I buy my cables from NewEgg - Rosewill is the house brand (like $4 - free shipping).

    Might have other suggestions if you provide make and model for GPU and monitor.

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