Restarting Networks

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Nov 10, 2009
  1. I have a question about wireless networks.If you drop a connection and can not see any wireless networks, what starts the scan process to look again. If you restart it will scan again. How can you do that without the restart? I am not using a wireless manager with a nettopia adapter. Should something in windows be turned on?
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    Is there anybody on this forumthat can help? Hello
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    Have you tried clicking Connect To on the Start menu? Does it bring up a view of wireless networks? Ask you if you want to refresh the list of networks?

    Vista has a "built-in" wireless manager (tho some wireless driver installs add their own to replace Vista's)
  4. Trafficflow

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    Actually it is reconnecting after lost connection on the better halfs computer. i have 2 computers that I am struggling with at times. The first has no wireless manager and when you try to view wireless networks there is none. I have that turned off because I would lose connections. Is that suppose to be on since I am not using a wireless manager? The other computer has a manager and when it does drop off you I just go and reconnect but then IE7 has to be reconnected. Why is that with IE7? Using XP on those computers. No problem with Vista or W7. Thanks
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    Sorry, but now i'm a bit confused for each machine you describe could identify

    Machine #1 vs #2 etc. along with
    > The Windows OS and Service Pack level on the machine
    > Do you think the wireless manager is enabled on the machine
    > Are you using IE7 or another browser on the machine (e.g. IE8 or Firefox?)
    > And please repeat which problem occurs on which computer

    So then i'll add that (in general)
    > A wireless manager should be running on a computer with wireless
    > It's the wireless manager's job to scan for networks and, if you configured it to do so, automatically connect to available wireless networks it finds
    > The wireless manager runs as a Windows Service
    > You can see a list of Windows services by rt click My Computer->Manage->Services
    > The native manager in XP, is called Wireless Zero Configuration
    > In Vista, it's called WLAN AutoConfig
    > Once you find the service you should see its StartupType= Automatic and Status= Started
  6. Trafficflow

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    Thanks for the info!! You cleared things up for me. I thought that was the procedure. The Netopia adapter uses windows instea of manager. I have 2 of them and they work really good. Please check new post please when I get to it.
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