Restore failure - IBM Thinkpad 600

By suetoooo
Sep 10, 2003
  1. Hello.. I need some help. Tried to turn on Thinkpad & got a schematic showing it wanted a floppy. I put boot disk & CD in to try to restore system. System uses Easy Restore & Easy Set up (not so sure about the 'easy'). System hangs after reading the floppy at "device name ..... PQCDROM". Either can't find the CD or can't access the program on the CD (Easy Restore). However once it did get to the Easy Restore and ended up with an error#88. I did get a second disk & CD set from IBM, but they were the same as I had and the same thing happened.
    Suggestions?? Is it the software or hardware? What can I do?
    Would appreciate any help... school has started and we have no computer!
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