Restoring Winxp - Can't finish installation.

By XPDope
Mar 4, 2006
  1. I had a problem: X024 Stop Error. I could not figure out how to fix it so I used the Compaq restore disks which formatted the HD and reloaded XP. So I am doing fine and I get to the area where it asks to register so I continued on through the registration. Microsoft could not be contacted and HP had a web page that you can not close. If I shut off the computer and restart, it just goes back to the same thing. Any ideas on how I can get out of this ridiculous situation??

  2. peepnklown

    peepnklown TS Rookie Posts: 126

    You have to register Windows XP before you move on (it usually can be done via internet) but, you might have to call Microsoft.
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