RM Nimbus question, Trying to find a game!!

By Bigfatgoalie
Dec 8, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    Bit of a blast from the past but I really cant think of anywhere else to look!

    When I was at Primamry school many years ago We had one of the RM Nimbus machines with things like Logo (shape drawing thing) and other bits and pieces.

    One other game we had was called "Martello Tower" or "Tower", this was a game where you would navigate your way around an old Tower and try and get clues and solve puzzels and progress through the game. There were also these annoying guards that would make you go back to the start of the game!

    It was basically just a blank screen and it might say "You are standing in front of a gate", you would then type instructions, such things as "Turn left, Open box, Open gate" and so on!

    My question is (and theres prob very little chance that anyone knows what Im going on about!), is there anyway I can re-live this game? Does anyone know if these old games and applications can be Ported and run on modern day machines? Does anyone have an old RM Nimbus!? Basically, how can I play this game again!!!!?

    Any help, or ideas would be very much appreciated! I did email RM but they didnt know the game I was talking about (this was a while ago so Ive emailed again today!).

    Many thanks!
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