Rockstar issues a 'sincere' apology for shabby Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release

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Rockstar has apologized for the rocky release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. Many users have been complaining about the game not running smoothly or at all. Last week, Rockstar said that most of the problems were related to outdated graphics drivers.

On Wednesday, the studio apologized to players via Twitter. It says that a "small number" of users are still experiencing problems with the game "stuttering."

"We sincerely apologize for this temporary inconvenience and will update you as soon as we have more information to share — we want everyone to be able to experience Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC as we intended as soon as possible."

Programming for every possible combination of hardware and OS out there is complicated. So it's not surprising that Rockstar's release of RDR2 has hit a few hardware-related snares, some of which we encountered while benchmarking the game. However, the developer says it is working hard to resolve these glitches as quickly as possible.

The company explains "unforeseen issues related to specific combinations of Nvidia graphics drivers, Nvidia GPU cards, and certain CPUs" are likely the cause. Both Nvidia and AMD recently released hot fixes for the game. Rockstar's latest patch rolled out today, but there are still more to come.

"We have already identified and resolved a number of these issues by deploying fixes to the Rockstar Games Launcher and some to the game itself," the company tweeted. "We will be rolling out an update today, which will address the stuttering issue alongside a host of other fixes."

The developers are in close contact with Nvidia to come up with solutions to the graphical glitches for future updates. It expects these fixes to take a few days to develop and test.

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If I recall, they had the same rough start with GTA V, but eventually resolved all the issues.

I pre-ordered RDR 2, but haven't touched it yet. Probably won't for another week. I know better than to try and play big-name games as soon as they're released, regardless of game and/or developer. It's always a mess the first 1-2 weeks. So let the people who can't stand it unless they start playing the second a hot game comes out to find all the bugs and be frustrated by it. I can wait...


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STEAM won't help, I read the game will still require the Rockstar game launcher to run.
It'll still be fixed for the Steam Launch though, so by waiting until it's out on Steam, I'll be getting a better experience than those that got it "first" on their own launcher.

I put "first" in quotations as you could replace it with "beta test".


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I'm really looking forward to playing RDR2, but I'm glad I waited since I wouldn't have had much time to play right now anyway.


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I'm glad I decided to wait for the Steam release, hopefully most of the issues are cleared up by then. I'm still looking forward to playing RDR2. I never got to play the original since there wasn't a PC release.
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When you have to put sincere in front of your apology, it seems like a tacit acknowledgement they got it working on a few setups and decided to release and pray... quality control be damned. They'll forgive us! We can't possibly test for every type of setup! Now, they're making excuses. Is it an apology or what? No matter how excited you are about a title, anymore expect problems. Maybe it really is that difficult and this is the only way. We are the testers. I don't know. Beta release at half price! Would that be worth it?
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I mean, I simply turned off my avast shields, noticed it worked, then switched to another AV. Day one. Steam will still use RockStar launcher. If you want to use words like "console peasants' please stop crying about pc problems. It's part of using a PC, no this is not your smart phone. It is not fool proof. I'm glad PC users still have to jump through some hoops. All these new PC users are spoiled. Ban SSDs, bring back patience.
Imagine being a company as big as Rockstar then pretending you can't afford more than two test-bed computers for Quality Control.

Yeah, no. They just don't care.
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The Valvesheep are pretty funny lol. Just another layer of DRM is all it is. It doesn't guarantee a better running game by any means.
No. But the extra time to market ensures a more stable game. And the Steam user reviews ensure a more informed buying decision. Plus: Valve are pretty good about giving refunds.
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No. But the extra time to market ensures a more stable game. And the Steam user reviews ensure a more informed buying decision. Plus: Valve are pretty good about giving refunds.
No what? No it doesn't guarantee a better running game?
I would never let a Steam User Review sway my buying decisions.
Valve has a refund policy that you must meet. There is no "pretty good".


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1) Rockstar has made it clear through their actions time and time again that they don't care about PC players. They're the only game developer in the entire industry to delay their PC release by a year (which may as well be a lifetime in the gaming industry), and it's still a buggy mess (read: won't even run on launch day for many players), and their PC controls make it clear they didn't think them through. Even worse, they delay the PC release in hopes of getting people to buy the game, at full price, twice. Not even a discount if you own it on console.

2) This is proof that game devs will blame your drivers no matter what. If there's a known issue: deny, deny, deny. Even if your drivers are only a single version behind, it's your drivers fault. Even though stable drivers that are a few weeks old are perfectly fine. And if they are up to date, you need to reinstall them, because it's still your drivers' fault. Still not working? Reinstall them with a clean install. Still not working? Create a ticket that never gets looked at.

Even when the majority of their player base can't even open the game on launch, they'll blame your drivers while they're drafting their PR response strategy. They should be apologizing for lying to their player base and wasting their time reinstalling drivers as much as they are apologizing for releasing a joke of a launch day release.