Router/PS2 online connection problem

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Jun 8, 2005
  1. I bought a Netgear GS605 Gigabit Ethernet Switch, and i'm trying to configure it to properly work with my PC and Playstation 2 simultaneously. The switch doesn't come with any software, and it's not a managed switch. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated, by both me and my brother :)
  2. Nodsu

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    There is nothing to configure in a switch. Especially if it is not a managed one. Just plug your stuff in there and as long as you use the right kind of cables it will work.
  3. tdeg

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    I assume your trying to access the internet with both at the same time?
  4. Alabaster

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    Well, the point of the unmanaged switch is so that I don't have to do anything, yes, but if it worked fine I wouldn't be posting in this forum, asking for additional help.

    I use roadrunner with dynamic IP addressing.

    And yes, I'm trying to use both at the same time.
  5. Nodsu

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    It would sort of help if you told us what you want to do and how it doesn't work.
    You can not share your internet with a plain switch unless you order two IP addresses from roadrunner.
  6. tdeg

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    If Roadrunner only gives you one dynamic IP address, only one will work at a time.

    I would take the unmanged switch back if I were you and get a cheap router. They aren't usually more than $50. I'd stay with Linksys, DLink, SMC, or Belkin though as more people have them and would be able to provide support for you.

    With the router you will be able to get both online easily, plus there will be the added benefit of a firewall on the router (helps with cable connections) and you will be able to add more computers in the future without having to pay RoadRunner anything else.
  7. petey290

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    Help ps2 online problem with DNS?

    ok so i just got road runner . use to have dsl and never had any problems with internet crap but ok now for my question i use roadrunner as i said .i do not have wireless internet or a router i only use the easy Ethernet cord from my black box that roadrunner gives you . now i have the phone/tv/internet with them and all of it hooks up into my room but any who when i went to setup my new settings for my ps2 i went threw and but manual for ip address and DNS manual and i put in my ip address netmask my 2 DNS and etc from doing cmd ipconfig/all and got all that info off it and put it in as it should go and than i test my connection for internet on ps2 it work 100% fine that works like within seconds .but when i try to login to get online socom CA at the DNAS sever thing and it waits a while than says the error 612 comes up and say please check your network connection or whatever so i need help on what to do? please help
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