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router setup

By coreyrockstar
Jun 23, 2004
  1. i'm a newb so help me out. i wanna network so i can share internet. i wanna setup a router, a hub, a kvm switch using dialup modem. i have two pcs using one monitor and a laptop. i know nothing about routers. i've been looking for routers and most of them are for dsl and cable modems. some routers say they can use any modem because they have normal ethernet ports. does that mean i can use a dial up modem?
    can i share files through my router or do i need a hub?
    can someone help me with the most basic and cheapest setup available?

    also if i do wireless, i know i need a wireless router but do i need special wireles network cards. do i still connect the modem directly to the router or is that also wireless?

    is there a way to mix and match by connecting my two pc directly to the router and using wireless networking to connect the laptop to the router?

    thanx for your time!
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    You would have the following setup:
    PC1 network-card --> cable --> router
    PC2 network-card --> cable --> router
    laptop network-card --> wireless --> router

    router <-- dial-up-modem (or cable/DSL at a later stage)

    PC1 KB/Mouse/Video/Audio --> KVM-switch <-- one each mouse/keyboard/monitor/set of speakers (2.1 only)
    PC2 KB/Mouse/Video/Audio --> KVM-switch <-/

    In your other post I referred to a KVM with audio-switching like Belkin SOHO

    To be prepare for all eventualities, get a wired/wireless router/switch like the SMC Barricade, this has everything you need, and adds a printer-server as well.

    PS: the above is an older model, but it shows you exactly what you need to look for in more current equipment.
    Alternatives from someone else?
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