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By kwinkle
Dec 12, 2004
  1. Hi everyone - my son wants to play XBOX live - we have cable internet. I have a network with a router for two computers. I have several servers addresses configured into my router for different sites that I use. We were going to just get a long Ethernet cable that would reach to his room that he could remove when not playing the game - but a family member loaned him a wireless router. Here is my question - can I just connect the wireless router into my present router so that he can use it for the XBOX without a whole lot of configuring? I called the support for the wireless router and they said yes but first I needed to hook the wireless router directly to the cable modem and put in the IP address etc..... But would it not be the same if I went into the configuration for my router and put the IP address of the wireless router in my router without having to disconnect cables and switch around etc? The support for the wireless router said no that it would damage both routers but I know that many times they are wrong. Also - if yes and we can do that is it going to affect my computer network? Thanks in advance Karen
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    This should be in the networking forum..

    It will take some configuring in any case.

    Some more info maybe..
    Is your own router wireless too and you want to connect the loaned router to your existing one wirelessly? In that case there is some chance of it working but you will have to configure WDS links and disable some fuctions in the loaned router.
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