RSOD (Random Color of Death)


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So for a few months now, my computer has had moments where it stopped working with a solid block of color (one color only) appearing across the whole screen. Nothing works and the sound is also distorted unless I do a hard reboot (like a BSOD). People say it's my GPU (which is currently a 980 TI) but it seems to only happen when I play high graphic games (like Crash Bandicoot, Assassin's Creed etc) whether it's on 3840 or 1440p.

If someone can advice me on what to do in this case, I would be very grateful.
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You might want to run a memory test from Windows.

Press Windows key + R, then type mdsched.exe and click OK , then restart to run the test.

Shutdown the computer and remove the graphics card, using canned air blow the inside/components clean, clean the fans and the card, especially the connectors.

Reinsert the card, being sure to seat it fully, if you have a new, or a 'newer' cable, switch them for now.

Keep the case open start it and check the internal fans, see if you have any improvement. If the display looks "ok" tip the graphics card up slightly from the edge, (don't press too hard), then press it downward. If the movement causes aberrations on screen, the sockets contacts don't have enough contact pressure.

If that doesn't help, try removing/reinstalling drivers. This is a start, if it doesn't improve things let us know!
@Cycloid Torus It probably needs it. That card is still being sold new at high prices. A used replacement could be $200-$300, it seemed wise to work through alternatives prior to disassembly. That's their first post here..
A 980 TI is a hot running GPU, if that solid color lockup sounds like thermal throttling or hard memory errors to you, paste redo may be the only way to save it.
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Hi, I did do the Thermal Paste, the memory check and the removal and reinstalling of drivers... still giving me grief

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If GTX 980Ti under warranty, consider trying for RMA. Even if out of warranty, card maker may have tests which validate your card's memory. There does not seem to be a good video card VRAM test available - just performance and stress tests which may miss bad high memory.
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