RTX 4060 51W idle ?!

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I ve got Palit RTX 4060 Dual and GPU-Z is showing 51W at idle . The same for MSI RTX 4060 Ventus . Any fix ?

here some guys experiencing the same issue
Note that the results by igor'sLab show two figures for the idle consumption -- 14 W on an older Windows 10 system and 51 W for another Windows 11 PC. TechPowerUp, which records power figures directly from the PCIe slot and attached supply cables, recorded 14 W on its Windows 11 test bench.

However, igor'sLab doesn't provide much detail on the exact configuration of the system, whereas TechPowerUp states the GPU driver version, motherboard BIOS version, and ReBAR setting. Neither site says too much about the Windows configuration, though, and without knowing precisely how the PCs are set up, it's near impossible to determine exactly what's causing the issue.

That said, igor'sLab does suggest it's a driver problem, which it well may be. If that's the case, then it will hopefully be resolved in a future release.
I tend to believe Techpowerup review , they stated the methodology they use in testing . They state 14W at idle