Running With Scissors: 7 Myths About Cord Cutting

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May 7, 2014
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  1. Interesting story and liked it. But copying is not stealing. If I copy your car, would you call that stealing?
  2. Burty117

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    You're right, copying is not stealing, but if you created 5 episodes of one of the most watched TV shows of all time with $200,000,000 borrowed from say Sony entertainment, you would want people to pay to watch the show so you could A) pay Sony back and they will support you with future episodes and B) get paid yourself.

    Now I'm not standing up for these studios by any means because A) getting hold of some of there material (Game of Thrones in the UK for instance) is either overly expensive or just impossible without Torrenting and B) they do still earn silly amounts of money and I don't really feel very sorry for them losing a (potential) couple of million of dollars.
    Especially when these companies are not prepared to move into the future and offer us DRM free downloads of there movies and shows or whatever.
  3. Thanks for the infomercial ...
  4. Could not read this so heavily biased
  5. Emexrulsier

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    On a side note point 5 there are some avenues you can take to watch
    You can't use you analogy comparing physical (car) to digital (1 & 0s). It would be more like you going into the car factory using all their parts and your machinary to copy their car. Sure you built it but with their parts you copied it but you stole the parts to create that car. Just as when you copy the media you steal the original parts (data 1s & 0s) and use your hardware to piece it together to make a copy with parts that you stole. So yes copying isn't stealing but in both instances you can copy without first stealing.
  6. Emexrulsier

    Emexrulsier TS Evangelist Posts: 574   +72

    On a side note point 5 there are some avenues you can take to watch live tv whilst it is being aired without cable/digital tv but it costs a bit. Like for in their example Game of thrones is aired in the UK at the same time as the US but you have to be up nice and early to watch it. If you don't have cable you can subscribe to a NowTV Entertainment package (£8.99/month) and also see it streamed ccross the net at the same time.
  7. I rarely pirate any software or game, only episodes, because HBO in my country usually aires a day or even week or two after USA air. I still have HBO sub, but I personally don't watch it TV. Movies are rarely worth its money, so if movie is good I will buy BluRay of it, if not, meh.
  8. Movatheaiur

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    If it is worth your interest, then it is worth your money.
  9. It seems it really depends on the programs that you wish to watch. Maybe we should break them into categories: 1) Can't live without it, 2) Really nice to have, 3) OK to watch, 4) Don't really care. Put the programs you watch into each category and then see what possible ways you can view what. If you have some exclusive cable show in category 1 then you need cable to watch it. If most of your category 1 and 2 stuff is available through other means then you can drop cable. I don't think there is one particular way to go for everyone, it just depends on your tastes, options, budget, etc.
  10. Since when did Comcast start writing for Techspot?
  11. tipstir

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    I've cut the cord in Mid 2012, it was hard to leave but the cost of CATV from Comcast was just too much to give to them. CATV and the VOIP they had me on. I only get Internet from them and I own my modem box thus saving in any additional rental cost.

    It's 2014 my dual (north and south aimed HDTV OTAs running strong both are amp plus drop 8-way drop amp to all the HDTV connected to them. Channels are around 71 increased from 2012 roughly 60. I can record off HDTV single using Windows 7 i3 laptop running Media Center for recording storage is USB 3.0 WD Passport 24/7 the laptop has additional large 120mm variable turbo fan on cooler pad. On the network side I can watch any recording on other HDTV's or other network devices.

    THisTV gives me 24/7 Movies along with ACTV both are manage buy local stations here they use the extra channel slots. METV, BounceTV, QVC and HSN OTA have joined the cut the cord crowd. I am sure they're still on CATV and SATV also.

    I only subscribe to Netflix to pick up the lack.. Look at all the money I am saving about $1,890 per year minus Internet and Netflix cost after cutting the cord in 2012.
  12. Hexic

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    So what I've delved from this entire article, is that pirating is by far the best way to go.

    Anyone else feeling the same vibe?
  13. S_Brideau

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    Cut the cable and got a netflix subscription when I was a student because I couldn't afford more than that. When I finally got a job, after college, I got back on cable, and am about to cut it again, as for me it's not worth paying for. Paying 100+/month (canadian prices) for just a few hours of TV isn't worth it. Netflix still gets most of the time I would use to watch tv.
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  14. matrix86

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    I cut cable because most of the shows I watch, I can go online to the studios website to watch. I can just go to the History Channels website or Fox or CBS and watch my shows there. They stream all the ones I watch. I don't mind being a day behind everyone else.

    As for movies? I have Amazon Prime. There's access to movies right there. Or hell...Redbox. It doesn't kill me waiting a month after a movie's release to watch it. There are more important things in life to worry about.
  15. Timing of this article is interesting. Sorry, techspot you just lost a multi-year reader.
  16. drjekel_mrhyde

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    Not everyone use streaming service cut the cord. I have the top tier for Uverse and still use my Roku box for Netflix, amazon, and Hulu plus. I don't want to go through a bunch of crap to just watch a show that airs tonight. Never share your HBOgo, MaxGo , or showtime anytime, username and password with anyone since people can see your ISP account number*.
  17. Usenet + Plex = Bliss

    Arrrrr Matie!!!!!!!
  18. I don't agree with Guest's posts often, but when I do, you KNOW the author of an article had been bought (or whatever other term would best suits them - smoking?).
    In the words of 2 guests above:
    Thanks for the infomercial ...
    Could not read this so heavily biased
  19. wastedkill

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    This is a very biased article... Now lets imagine that "God forbid it ever happen in this perfect world" That I have no job and live in the UK NOW why should I wait say 6-12 months to watch my favorite TV show? I pirate not because I have a job earning me millions but because I have no job.

    I have never and will never get cable as cable in the UK is TERRIBLE! and I love to pirate stuff for a few reasons and those are DRM, 3rd party DRM, when I buy a film, TV series on DVD why should I watch the adverts....?, my TV show I love isnt available in my area n wont be for the next year or so...

    Want me to explain any more.... Oh let me also add to the fact that paying for 90 services like netflix, amazon prime JUST to watch a TV show or film is literally pathetic id rather bleed to death then be in $20,000 Debt adding up each month...
  20. Insane and totally ridiculous analogy of copying a Car and copying a Movie.
    However looking at the 'intent' of what you do with the copy(s) bears merit.

    After all someone somewhere made available that material with the intention of distributing
    it for gain when they don't have intellectual rights to it and making a heap of money out of it too

    We have to go to the top of the food chain to catch the real criminal read:
    Large German guy living in New Zealand
  21. Busted my butt!

    Some key points on how to do it on the cheap and more easily were missed:
    1. Get a video card in your desktop PC than can output 1080p with HDMI and HDCP (I have an nVidia GTX 570 by EVGA with fan speed control software = quiet in the same room as I have my 3D TV, nVidia also has 3D drivers for my TV and they work).
    2. Output from the video card to a decent receiver (audio goes to Dolby 5.1 system, video pass thru to TV = I use a Pioneer VSX-926, nVidia has drivers for my receiver as well).
    3. Save movie/music downloads to an external 3 TB USB drive (I have it connected to WDTV Live which is connected to my desktop PC via a FastEthernet cable, I can transfer files between the USB drive and my PC easily).
    4. Pay for the Internet connection only and get a decent VPN such as from PIA (make NSA work hard to spy on you).
    5. Of course, get Netflix and Amazon Prime (the latter is where I buy most online things from and many I get with free shipping, so cost is split between movies and tv and free shipping on items I purchase).
    6. Get a wireless keyboard that illuminates at night with a wireless mouse which can be transported to the coffee table from your desktop TV (I use Logitech K800/Peformance MX).
    L'est viola. Consider the PC/video card, sound system, keyboard and mouse sunk costs.

    So my monthly costs are:
    • Internet connection only (I.e., no Cable TV or Home Phone) - I have a 50 Mbps connection but after a year, I will lower this to 25 Mbps = more than enough for video streaming from the Internet (use BitMeter to monitor bandwidth and verify for yourself).
    • $15 or so per month for Netflix and Amazon (also, YouTube and many TV channels broadcast for free such as PBS in HD).
    • $3 per month for a VPN if you have a yearly subscription as I do.
    • HDMI cable and FastEthernet cable = a one time fixed cost.
    Total monthly cost = Internet + $18.

    I save about $45/month doing it as described above vs. Cable TV + Internet. Cord cutting rules and I will never go back to Cable TV, ever.

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