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Jan 24, 2009
  1. Hello,

    I am not sure if I am posting this in the right area or not. I have a friend that is using Microsoft ME and it is having some problems with a runtime error and it looks like it Might be a microsoft problem but I wasnt sure.

    He gets this error while on ebay trying to load pictures. The error says

    Program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe' failed to launch

    then it says Abnormal program termination.

    After reading a bit on the next I found where the google and yahoo toolbars could cause problems and he had the yahoo one so I uninstalled it. No help. I tried to reinstall Yahoo and it wont let me. Keep getting errors there too. Tried to do google and same thing. Are these two problem related? Not sure what steps to take next.

    Thanks for any adivice.
  2. raybay

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    We really need a description of all your hardware, hard drive, memory, video graphics, etc... to help you analyze the problems.
    Windows ME is so full of errors, routinely, that it is important to remove and reinstall it from time to time... It needs to be reinstalled at least annually, and when under heavy use, more frequently.
    I would first run a new install over the old one, then update all drivers that you can find, then report back to us if still bad.
  3. Alibama

    Alibama TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply. I am not familiar with the ME version at all. Would I have to do a complete restore as in erase everything and start over?
  4. kimsland

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    I would say a backup of all data (and ideally system drivers) then do a clean install, as you say: "complete restore", would be preferred for WinME (agreed annually)
  5. raybay

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    Not necessarily. Here are some suggestions from the excellent that we have used on a number of computers. And you can find many more in Google searches for "Reinstalling Windows ME."

    Reinstalling Windows ME

    1. Make a new folder in the C drive called “Z”

    2. Copy the Windows Me installation CD into the Z folder.

    3. Make copies of any folders in the Me Windows folder that you want to save. For example, Desktop, Favorites and Start Menu; and paste them into “Local Disk C” where they can sit safely while this process is going on.

    4. Boot with the Me start up diskette and choose to start without CD support. When the “A prompt” appears, type C:\ and enter which will get you to the C prompt.

    5. Type Z\setup and scandisk will run, after it does, hit X for exit and the Windows Me setup will start.

    6. After you enter product keys etc., you will be asked to install Windows in C:\Windows folder but instead type “C:\WindowsC” in the box where Windows will be installed. Ignore the warnings.

    7. Install Windows Me in “WindowsC” using the “compact” option, which will pop up. (you will uninstall this installation later.)

    8. When the Windows installation finishes and reboots and you are able to enter the WindowsC installation, click on “My Computer”, local disk C then DELETE THE WINDOWS FOLDER! (Basically, this dumps all the corrupted System files, which are a part of this folder.)

    9. Restart again with the Me boot diskette, select start without CD support and when the “A prompt” appears type C:\ and enter which once again brings you to the “C prompt” in the DOS mode.

    10. Type Z\setup, let Scandisk run, hit X when Scandisk is finished to exit and setup will start again. This time when it asks where you want to install make sure you type: C\Windows and let it reinstall once again this time to C\Windows.(make sure the "C" is removed)

    11. After the installation completes and boots, click on “My Computer”, local disk C and this time you are going to delete the “Windows C” folder. You have now dumped the superfluous data that was loaded when you put the whole reinstall into this folder. You now have a virtually error free reinstallation of Windows Me with a new Windows folder which has all the nice clean System files. .

    12. Paste your saved Windows folders back from "Local Disc C" into the appropriate new Windows folders.

    13. Check your programs to see which ones are still working using the desktop shortcuts, program start menu and go through the “Program Files” folder and check and reinstall or delete any Program files many of which will still be OK. (Except those that installed shared System files which have now been deleted)

    Perhaps you will find you must reinstall two or three programs but many of the designed for Windows 98 or Windows ME m will have an “exe” or setup file in the program folder which will let you reinstall the program without having to hunt up the installation CD’s.

    You might try the suggestion of others to keep a folder in the C local drive called “Program Install Back ups” where you can keep downloaded program install files just in case you need to reinstall a program.
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