S3 drivers somewhere ?

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Feb 20, 2002
  1. A friend of mine has a S3 Trio3D/2X AGP & was looking for drivers for Win98. www.s3.com is dead so i have no idea where to look. They've been bought off by Via but there's no mention of S3 on Via's site...
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    Thx for the help :grinthumb
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    S3 Video card drivers

    I think you have a 3rd party card with a via chipset. This was not manufactured by VIA hence no drivers on their website. However you should find them on the card manfacturers site - www.inno3d.com As it is a fairly old card you will have to follow the "other models" link which has a massive list of older cards and drivers.
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    ditto on the www dot driverguide dot com this site is well worth the registration and comes in handy ALL the time, specially with 5 PCs in the house. Could NOT live without the site. JMO
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