Samsung: actually, Galaxy Tab's return rate is below 2%

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Feb 3, 2011
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  1. Samsung has responded to reports that the Galaxy Tab return rate is as high as 15 percent. The electronics giant has completely denied the number, saying that it is actually much lower, according to the Korean blog Samsung Tomorrow:

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  2. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Samsung should hire real ROM chefs instead of making new products. Their android stock rom's are sluggish and almost unusable.

    I'm inclined to believe the 15% return rate. The Galaxy Tab is simply a bigger laggier galaxy S. And we all know that samsung products rarely get updated. I'll eat my shoes when the tab gets honeycomb.
  3. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,596   +257

    eh, I will buy you new shoes... because i dont think you will have to eat them. I'll be surprised when the Captivate gets any updates.
  4. ET3D

    ET3D TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,380   +168

    Samsung may have lost the round, but looks to me like two million sold isn't too bad.
  5. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Well you Americans are the only people without Froyo. It's actually your carriers withholding the update. If you want froyo you can always use ODIN to flash the Rogers Wireless rom. It's the same phone with the same frequencies for the modem.
  6. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    +1, not only their Android roms are hopelessly sluggish at times, but ridiculously unstable (at times) as well.

    In fact, I have started thinking about whether i should chuck this Galaxy S (running Froyo, and I don't think Samsung will push Gingerbread on it anyway) out and get something else (read more reliable) ..... may be an HTC HD7 or something like that.
  7. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    WAIT! DONT GIVE UP! Go to XDA developers and check out Darkys rom.

    But if you really want to get rid of the galaxy S just ship it to n2n1m1 kitchener ontario.
  8. I already ordered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Android 3.0 Honeycomb here in Europe last Monday. T-Mobile expects to ship it within the next four week. Very cool.
  9. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Good idea, at worst it can only brick the cell ...... at best it may cure some ills, now only if I could know whether it can be done using Android Manager Wifi.
  10. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Actually Galaxy S phones are virtually unbrickable. If you have the 3 button download mode working you can just reflash a stock rom with odin.

    The galaxy tab 2 hasn't even been announced yet. Nice try.
  11. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Fair enough, but the biggest obstacle to flash any other ROM is ....... the unit I have just doesn't want to connect with any PC I can get my hands on through the USB. So I use Android Manager Wifi to manage files on phone/sd card etc. to get around this issue. It has been the single most annoying thing since I got this handset.
  12. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Have you tried to enable debugging in settings<applications<development?
  13. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    I did, when I turn on the debugging mode, nothing doing exactly the same result, I've tried different cables no joy ........ hard resetting would make it work for day or two, that is it; but it isn't just me, having gone through various forums, there are many people out there having such issues with galaxy s.

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