Samsung may change the names of the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 4 due to Russian association


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Rumor mill: Samsung will reveal its next-gen folding phones on August 10 at the company's Unpacked event. We're not expecting to see too many changes this year, especially when it comes to design, but there are rumors that the company is making a minor if significant name change to both devices.

According to leaker SnoopyTech, Samsung will be dropping the 'Z' from the names of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, a change that will also apply to all future foldables in the series.

While the majority of consumers tend not to mention the Z part when talking about Galaxy Folds and Galaxy Flips, the reason behind Samsung's purported decision is the negative connotations behind the letter following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Hand-painted Z-shaped letters were spotted on Russian tanks and military trucks on the Ukrainian border days before the invasion took place in February, and it has been used as a symbol of support for Russia ever since. There are several theories about what it stands for, from Zapad (west), which is where the Russian troops were stationed, to Za pobedu ("for victory").

A Russian news presenter in April claimed that the Z was actually two number 7s on top of each other, one of them upside down and reversed, representing the 77 years since Victory Day—the end of World War II.

It's still just a rumor that needs to be taken with a dose of salt, but it's a believable one, especially as Samsung already removed the Z from the Flip 3 and Fold 3 in Baltic nations such as Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia in April. The company is also one of many that stopped doing business in Russia, having banned smartphone shipments to the country in March.

Back in May, Russian DOTA 2 player Ivan 'Pure' Moskalenko got his team disqualified from a tournament and had his contract terminated after displaying what appeared to be the Z symbol during a livestreamed match. He claimed it was an "accident" without apologizing.

We'll find out if Samsung's next phones are called the Galaxy Z Fold/Flip 4 or they drop the Z in exactly one week from now. In the meantime, check out these official leaked renders of both devices, which do show the letter Z.

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Yeah, because what happens right next door in North Korea is better. F. hypocrites. By their own logic, they should be disgraced enough to change the whole language.
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Yeah, because what happens right next door in North Korea is better. F. hypocrites. By their own logic, they should be disgraced enough to change the whole language.

What you wrote makes absolutely no sense:

- they say they will cut the "Z" from the name because it may be associated with Russia invading Ukraine
- you talk about a country (north Korea) that chose to be against most other and always makes fights (as Russia, China in part)


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While I get that this is a sensitive subject, like a lot of "cancelling", moves like this are a little silly. You don't have to "give" the letter Z to the pro-Kremlin side of this dispute. Its like the people that see a country's flag as symbolizing a particular political party. No, the flag belongs to the nation, not the party, at least in the Free World.

Oh, and everyone be nice to each other.


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Will they also remove the letters V and O?
Those are letters also used by the different Russian and separatist formations fighting there. I think some also used the A (so, no more Galaxy "A" phones).
I remember, from a couple of months ago, a photograph of trucks in a caravan with the full Latin alphabet written on the cabins. trolling about this?


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I disagree. Letter Z existed long before those degenerated slaves led by maniac Putin decided to do what they have always done throughout history.

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I am a z fold uaer. I will not update to new non z ones. I simply could not tolerate childish arguments.
Worse, I am now considering to not buying anymore samaung.
Go woke, go broke. I vote with my wallet.