Samsung Vista laptop wireless now playing up


I've just been browsing on the internet through my wireless router.
Now its not working, its saying i'm connected to the router but not letting me go online.

I did the cmd winsock thing and that made no difference. I then connected through the cable and it was working fine, now i've unplugged from the router and its loading reallllllly slow/un usable.

Whats happened? it was saying it couldnt connect to dns server, but then it started working... but now its not :/


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This sounds like either a fault with the routers wireless transmission or your wireless card in the PC.

Start by resetting the router, there should be a reset button somewhere on it, usually you will need a thin wire to push into the whole and hold it until the router responds. This will reset it to default so any security settings will need to be reset.

If there is no change take a look in Device Manager for your wireless card under Network Adapters, right click on the device and select properties, check to see if it reports any problems. If no problems are reported try uninstalling the device and then reboot so that windows will reload the drivers.

Let us know how you get on.
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hiya thanks for the reply,

its strange... because i was working on a mac fine with the router however my girlfriends windows was the one with the problems..

now we've come over to my house and both of them are working fine. So im assuming the wireless in her laptop is still fine... but we called talktalk at her house and they said its a fault in her computer... but it works fine at my house?


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That changes things a bit. Nevertheless I would still follow the suggestion I made to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and see what happens. It may be worthwhile checking to see if there is a more recent driver. (I just edited the post as I had put Event Viewer instead of Device Manager, had a long day)

See if you can try some other PC's on the suspect system and always from the same location in the building. You might just find that it was a bad signal, too far away from the router.

Does the windows PC work wirelessly in other locations?

Is there a close neighbour with a wireless network, it could be on the same channel which might explain the problem..