sata 2 hdd and pc gaurd

By stevie1706
Aug 11, 2007
  1. First let me start by saying hello as I am very new to all this.
    Now straight to my problem, I took it upon mysel to build my own comp, which I achieved pretty well, the problem now tho is that I have upgraded my hard drive to a sata 2, (the old one was far to small and your standared ieee type) which is all well and good, what fun and games i had but when i re-installed my broadband service (virgin media or telewest or whatever they call themself this month), when I try to download my pc gaurd my computer crashes the moment it starts,( and the happy staff at virgin are as much use as a chocolate t-pot). I have a rough idea what is causing it as i had to install a driver for my sata hd at the start of re-installing my o/s which is windows xp which includes service pack 2. I don't know much about comps as I have just tried to teach myself through building my own, which was not to difficult as i'm sure anyone who does know this stuff, it's not as hard as you would first think, it's obvious to even me that there is some sort of conflict with the driver my sata hd needs and pc gaurd. if this makes sense to anyone and they can help I would be extremly thankfull, cheers folks..
  2. Tmagic650

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    Do you mean PC Guard? Why do you need it? Are you a teacher or government employee? Have you installed all the Microsoft Updates? There have been a ton since SP2 was first released.
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