SATA Drive prevents computer from working, it just shuts off.

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I have a Seagate SATA 160G hard drive that I pulled from another computer. It was the main C drive of the system for the last 3 years and now windows wont boot at all.

I popped it in another computer of mine, and the computer turns on, I hear a low beep from the drive and then the computer shuts off. I had to pull the power cord and reset the PSU to get the computer to boot again. Tried again in different SATA port and same thing happens. The mobo is a MSI Delta2 AMD. Thinking maybe the serial ports in this computer are wonky or something? The computer works fine with the IDE drive currently there.

So I put the SATA drive in yet another computer that already has SATA drives, and the computer boots up, Promise Raid utility sees the drive, WinXP sees the drive, but when I click the drive, it says "drive not ready". And then I get a windows error telling me the drive isnt accessible. Yet I can feel and hear the drive spinning. Is this drive totally gone? But why is it spinning?


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Sounds like the drive is dead.

A friend of mine had that happen to a sata, he couldnt get it working so he opened the drive up just to find out what went wrong. One of the read heads had burned out.


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on first machine
go to bios and disable stop on errors cept for keyboard mouse
check the boot options make sure any sata controller is listed last

on 2nd machine raid setup
check disk management see if you can initalize drive
or if there is a app for the raid (GUI) under windows
try here
there maybe a boot raid firmware that configs drives before windows boots

you can even try removing the ide drive install the sata and a OS install disc
with sata drivers at the ready
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