SATA Driver Differences, Please Explain

By badadjective
Oct 12, 2005
  1. Hello!
    What is the difference between using AHCI Drivers and default SATA configurations in Windows? I noticed that if, when installing Windows, in BIOS you select options such as "SATA Operation" or "ATA ONLY" modes, then Windows does NOT require special drivers for SATA and SATA drives just WORK.
    But if I select AHCI or AHCI/RAID Windows requires special drivers. Besides needing AHCI for features like NCQ to work, are there any other benifits or even changes at all when using AHCI as opposed to standard SATA modes?

  2. chamika

    chamika TS Rookie


    SATA performs best in AHCI mode and there's no current accumilated driver in XP. Therefore you have to download the specific driver pack and made some changes and then apply.

    Read the link below, that will describe well and worked fine for me.

    All thanks to Berdi.
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