SATA HDD problems with an ASUS P4P800-E

By Dr_Seuss
Apr 27, 2007
  1. My old PATA HDD recently died on me so along with a bit of required repairs to my watercooling system i replaced it with a 80Gb SATA HDD. however im having problems with installing it on my ASUS P4P800-E deluxe motherboard.
    ive got 378ATA drivers and 378RAID drivers, are they the right ones and which one do i use?
    i also have the problem that i have 2 SATA DVD-Writers which involves using the RAID SATA that even possible?

    i just need a simple guide on what to do; the motherboard has 4 SATA connectors but 2 are RAID and i need to connect 1 SATA HDD and 2 SATA DVD-Writers

  2. zipperman

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    Why would you need 2 DVD-Writers ?
    Sata boards only have 2 connections.1 for a HD and recently SATA DVD-RW's
    This would be obvious in the Motherboard manual or asus website descriptions of this mbd.
    But installing Sata Raid drivers is very tricky.It requires a Raid driver
    floppy disk.
    The files are probably on the mbd cd.and instructions.
    Somewhere in the process you use F6 to activate the floppy drivers.
    So read the manual and cd contents for more.
    Best i can do.
    I paid $25 to have mine installed.
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