SATA + IDE or Just IDE????

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Feb 11, 2005
  1. Hello. I just upgraded my mobo to an Abit NF7-S today. This mobo has both IDE and SATA and it came with a connector converter to connect ONE IDE device to sata.

    On my previous mobo, I had 2 IDE harddrives (both MAXTOR DiamondMax 7200 160GB) connected to IDE0 and A dvd-drive connected to IDE1.

    Two Questions:
    1) Should I connect one drive to sata using the converter, connect the 2nd hard drive to IDE0 as master and have dvd-drive remain as master on IDE1?

    2) If I do this, should I make my primary boot device the sata or keep it the IDE?

    Will I notice any boost in performance by doing so coming from the fact that 2 hard drives are not connected to one IDE cable (as i mentioned both hd's are IDE, Im just using the converter to connect to sata).
  2. tbrunt3

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    Use SATA much faster and if you have two identical drives you can run raid ..

    place the os on the sata but this takes some time you will also need to make a floppy of the sata drivers (handy to have) this a nforceboard might not need them some do some you do not..

    I wrote in this fourm here how to install a os on a sata you will have to do some searching..
  3. KidsCallMeHOJU

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    Thanx for the quick reply. I dont want to do raid because I have too much stuff on both. I am aware that sata is faster. But like i said, I am connecting the IDE hd to sata. So the best theoretical speed I can get is 133MB/S - same as the IDE. Knowing this I was wondering whether I will get a boost having the three IDE devices (2 IDE HD's and 1 DVD Drive) on three sepearte connecters (one HD on sata, one on IDE0 and one on IDE1).
  4. tbrunt3

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    Actually this would be better

    sata HDD

    only one you will actually see a difference in is the sata but ATA 133 not so bad espically if you have a pretty good ATA133HDD .. Sata transfers at this speed
    rate up to 150 Mbytes/sec .

    Hope this helps you
  5. C0d3Warr10r

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    In some instances, tbrunt3, I agree. However, if the dvd drive in question is a DVD+/-RW, I would highly recommend making it master on IDE1. My reasoning for this is because some backup/restore programs (like Norton Ghost) must use the master optical drive to boot a system restore disk. If the dvd drive is not writable, then this is not really an issue.


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    I don't use sata myself,but it seems to me if you boot from ide and use the sata
    for your apps you may some improvment ,no? could you even notice any changes?
    I would leave the ide on ide channel leave the sata on the serial channel
    if its anything like working with scsi channel thats the way to go
    what is the best thing bout sata ,most likely how many devices you can use and its cheaper than scsi

    good Luck
  7. KidsCallMeHOJU

    KidsCallMeHOJU TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hello. Thank you guys for your response. I will take one of my IDE drives and connect it to the sata adapter. I am however a little unclear which drive it should be. The BOOT hard drive or the other one?
  8. KidsCallMeHOJU

    KidsCallMeHOJU TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Did it. Couldnt put boot drive as SATA (wouldnt boot). So made boot drive IDE0, Other HD on SATA and DVD-RW on IDE1. Seems a BIT faster. Boot time decrease is noticable.
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