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SATA installation help, resulting in WinXP setup problems

By el_leumas
Dec 24, 2004
  1. Hi, I just bought a new rig, need help to set up my SATA HDD.

    At WinXP Setup, there is a F6 message to install the drivers. At this point in time, I will have just insert the floppy which comes with the SATA HHD. When I pressed F6, nothing happened. Setup continues with Press F2 for Automated System Recovery, and then continued loading the rest of the system cd-files.

    However, after loading the files, it did not go in to the drivers installation screen, as should be normal. It went into the Press Enter to Install XP, press R to Repair and press F3 to leave the screen. At this point in time, whatever I pressed, nothing will happen aka looks like hang.

    What happened? Is my WinXP cd to be blamed?

    At times, when files are loading, there is a message--> Section Files.SCSI.iaStor of the INF file is invalid, and I cannot go further. Any help?
  2. NoLimit99RBS

    NoLimit99RBS TS Rookie

    I have a simliar problem but it does not hang, it says that Windows XP does not recognize a HD and setup cannot continue.

    TMSKILZ TS Rookie

    El Leumas ,

    Maybe the drivers in that FD are bad. I had a problem with my Seagate SATA 120GB HD. After loading them through the F6 option I would get error messages while it copied the files or after XP 2nd stage of install.
    What I did was contact my Mobo MotherBoard) via email (they only offer email support) they sent me a reply with a link to their website with updated drivers & it worked after that.
    Could be you new updated drivers than the one that came with your Mobo.

    Also try copying the files from the original FD to another FD whith a clean format on it & try using that FD.never know if it could be a faulty FD.

    Hope it helps, post back.

    Yours is what I had a problem with as I mentioned to El Leumas.

    The message you received is b/c you probably didn't ENABLED your SATA ROM in your BIOS. Depending on what Motherboard you have, go into BIOS & find INTERGRATED PERIPHALS, once inside look for something that says ONBOARD DEVICES, then look for SATA ROM & make sure that it is enabled.
    I have a BIOSTAR KNHA Pro mobo, that's how mine is setup. I also disabled everything else the ONBOARD DEVICES such as Firewaire, USB, AUDIO< MODEM,NIC & just ENABLED the SATA ROM. Reason was b/c during the 2nd stage of WIN XP setup I was receiving error messages which didn't allow me to continue install, so I disabled everything except the SATA ROM, worked perfectly.

    Also if this works for you & WIN XP installs completely, & it states to remove any FD & hit ENTER to boot up into XP. make sure that when the PC reboots you enter your BIOS again & go into your Boot sequence & only enable your SCSI & disbale all other Boot sequences. XP recognizes SATA HD's as SCSI devices, not HD's. For example in my Mobo BIOS it gives me the option to set 3 boot sequences in order of 1-3 my boot sequence.
    So in slot #1 it is set to (1)SCSI
    slot #2 it is Disabled & so on so forth. So it looks like this....


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