Satellite M105 bootup problem -- series of 1 second beeps

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Apr 2, 2012
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  1. Following instructions I opened and cleaned the interior electronics after it developed overheating problems that would result in it powering down. Following reassembly the computer will eventually restart but only after failing bootup at leastg two times. At initial startup or boot from hibernation the computer does not appear to reach boot source but emits a series of beeps, first 1 beep, then 3 beeps, another three beeps, and finally 1 beep. These are all about 1 second long and seperated by 1 second. Pressing and holding the start button again sometimes resuls in a full repeat of the above or the computer emits the series of 1single beats, 4 beats, one second long and one second seperation. Eventually pressing and holding he power button will evenually result in hearing the computer attempt to boot from the CD ROM (which is second on the list after the Internal HDD). Any help would be appreciated.
  2. 1902danny

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  3. LeanSigmaOne

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    Thanks 1902danny. The list was very informative. Looks like I must have dislodged something and will have to go back in again.
  4. LeanSigmaOne

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    Thanks again for the help

    Thanks again, 1902danny. I looked again and found I had knocked the memory card slightly askew, making contact but just barely. Plugged it in again, everything is more beeps.
  5. 1902danny

    1902danny TS Rookie

    Pleased to hear you resolved your problem. Hope I was of some help. It is certainly worth remembering where that list of beep codes is for future reference.
    All the best Danny

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