SCI/RAID Host Controller

By lacer · 4 replies
Dec 12, 2006
  1. Hello everybody. I recently bought a flash memory stick which uses a virtual drive, I got no driver with it. Now every time I turn on the computer, I`m getting "Found new hardware SCI/Raid Host Controller and it won`t install. When I go into device manager, there`s a little yellow ico on the SCI/Raid Host Controller and it won`t enable. Could the driver be missing? Anyone know how to fix this? System is Windows XP.

    Edit: I have removed the caps as it is hard to read and is classed as shouting. Regards Howard.
  2. Nodsu

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    Do you get the message when there is no memory stick connected?

    I really doubt the SCSI thing is USB-related.. Have you played around with virtual CD-ROM software or suchlike?
  3. lacer

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    i bought this memory stick 2gb and it set up a virtual drive on my computer its called U3 system file system cdfs after that i kept getting the new hardware sci/raid host controller ever since before i used deamon tools but never had any problems using that with the controller
  4. Nodsu

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    Ah.. U3 uses a virtual CD-ROM drive yes. You should uninstall this stupid Launchpad software from your computer and get rid of it on your flash disk too. There's an uninstaller available:
  5. elelctronicope

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    hopefull fix

    Woo writing two years later, anyways to the ones that have this same problem here is something that might work.
    Don’t touch the hardware installation message that comes after the computer restarted, just leave it there in a corner or something. Go to device manager and find the SCI/RAID host controller (the one that have a yellow mark- conflict in other words), and uninstall it.
    Then go to the hardware installation message an press next, it will start looking for it but will not find anything. It will say CANNOT INSTALL THIS HARDWARE; remember to check the box DON’T PROMT ME AGAIN TO INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE, finish and that is it. Restart the computer ok. It will still appear in the device manager but hopefully it will not bug you again.
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