Screen stuck on the logo screen

  1. A few days ago I re-hooked my CPU up.. had some flash issues ..but who doesn't right? this am it loaded to the compaq page and quit. I d/c'ed it and have my wife's antique cpu hooked up but I cant change the resolution to 1660 x 900..which is what my wide screen uses. when I go into display and to resolution I can change it..BUT I cant screen down to hit apply...I can drag the screen 1/2 inch up by the blue bar at top but it isn't enough. I dont know whats wrong with my cpu and my last repair guy ripped us off..he stole the extra drivers out of my comp.
    I have a top of the line graphics card in it but it wont switch to anothe rcomp [new style] and I cant afford a new comp. Now whenever I boot up, the screen is stuck on the logo screen.
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    I don't think you know what you're doing. Start off by listing the hardware/software that you have.

    Take out all of the devices attached to the PC that are not required (including GPU) and see if the PC boots.

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