scriptin help pls

By Frenzy
Dec 18, 2006
  1. dunno where this should be so someone let me know if u move it. rite my problem is this, a friend created a script to be able to log things and isnt sure why when we call for the last 10 logs it doesnt give them in the right order. this is the script:-
    on *:TEXT:!lastups:#SpORe:{
    if ($file(PPUPLIST2.ini) = $null) { /msg $nick List is empty. }
    else {
    /msg $nick LAST 10 UPS ARE
    /msg $nick $read(PPUPLIST2.ini, <==10)
    the idea is someone types in the log in the format '!up name of file'
    and if that file has been done it replies saying its been done. also ppl can request '!lastups' and it tells the last 10 files upped, but the problem is it seems to not give the LAST 10, it gives random files. so pls if you know whats causin it pls help me
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